Chris Shipferling is Managing Partner of Global Wired Advisors – a digital investment bank focused on optimizing the business sale process and specializing in buyouts in the DTC segment.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? Did you have any particular experiences/stories that shaped your adult life?

Charlotte NC – I would say.

What is something you wish you would’ve realized earlier in your life?

Take risk, it’s ok!

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

“Now is the best time to sell your business” – terrible advice.

Tell me about one of the darker periods you’ve experienced in life. How you came out of it and what you learned from it?

I would say in my freshman year of college – had a real epiphany about how I wanted to live the rest of my life. Party and fail or create serious guard rails in my life and discipline.

What is one thing that you do that you feel has been the biggest contributor to your success so far?

Learning from very smart people.

What is your morning routine?

Usually 6 – 6:30. Workout, vitamins, reading/meditation – emails then calls/meetings usually start at 9 and go through the day.

What habit or behavior that you have pursued for a few years has most improved your life?

Working out and vitamins for sure – trying to be proactive in spending time with my kids.

What are your strategies for being productive and using your time most efficiently?

Just knowing what to invest in and what not to invest in. Giving things the priority they need.

What book(s) have influenced your life the most? Why?

Good to Great by Jim Collins: this was the first business book I ever read and set the tone on how to be a great leader and work within an organization and treat people with respect

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber: this was highly influential on how I thought through managing process

Do you have any quotes you live by or think of often?

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.