Nidia Dias

Nidia Dias is a passionate freelance Art Director and Designer with several years of experience focused on style frames and art direction for motion graphics. Her work involves creating style frames for pitches and awarded work, Art Direction, Digital Art as well as commissioned pieces. Nidia works remotely with a number of different studios around the world.

Mitch Myers

Mitch Myers is a freelance art director, motion designer, and 3D artist. He is an award-winning artist who specialized in telling stories without words.

Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci is a professional artist with years of experience in the film, TV, game, and print industries – primarily as a concept artist and illustrator. He is also an experienced instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Marco currently runs his own e-commerce business, selling his personal art prints, published books, curated workshops, and more.

Mattias Adolfsson

Mattias Adolfsson is an award-winning illustrator. He has been a professional 3d artist since 1995 when he left school making first animations for music videos and film then involved in making computer games. Adolfsson has worked with a lot of large commission work from all over the world, he has traveled to art and book festivals and even to some music festivals showing his art.

David Hayward

David Hayward AKA NakedPastor is considered one of the most prolific Christian cartoonists in the online world. After 30 years in the church, he left the ministry to pursue his passion for art. Hayward’s art expresses the stories and struggles of spiritual refugees and independent thinkers who question, doubt, or oppose the confines of religion. Art pieces that encourage difficult conversations and acts as a catalyst for critical thinking.

Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford is an illustrator, designer, and art director at Studio Dan Mumford Limited. He has over 13 years of experience working within the pop culture and music scene creating everything from album covers, branding, and screenprints to new interpretations of classic film posters and albums. Mumford clients include Disney, Hasbro, Apple, Adobe, Sony, and many other brands, bands, and record labels from around the world

Christina Mrozik

Christina Mrozik is an artist. Her art is primarily about the inter-connectivity of all things, and story, and balance. Mrozik views the art making process as one of portraiture, in which analyzing the drawing helps make sense of peoples’ histories and abilities.

Blake McFarland

Blake McFarland is a mixed materials artist known for using unique recycled materials to create amazing pieces of art. He loves to be Eco-friendly by using sustainable materials and taking the trash off the streets and out of landfills. Aside from being an artist, McFarland is also a retired baseball player.