Caroline Carter

Caroline Carter is an innovator and entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of Done In A Day, Inc., and the creator of The Perfect Listing™, the Total Home Transition™ process and the SMART MOVES™ Masterclass. Carter is considered the “go-to” Home Transition Expert in the US.

Alex Hult

Alex Hult is a restauranteur and professional Hockey player. He is the founder and CEO of the Flights Restaurant Group. Hult retired from playing pro Hockey in 2009 after a knee injury, a dark period that showed him to a different path. He started a restaurant business in 2013 and with perseverance and hard work, he is now recognized as a legend in the industry.

Diana Goodwin

Diana Goodwin is an entrepreneur, speaker, and startup advisor. She is the founder and strategic advisor at AquaMobile Inc. and the founder and CEO of MarketBox. Goodwin is considered a tech innovator and thought-leader in marketplace businesses, the gig economy, and scaling businesses internationally and can regularly be seen speaking at events, sharing her knowledge with both corporate and entrepreneurial audiences.

Rob Archangel

Rob Archangel is the owner of Archangel Ink, and author of The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients, and Increase Sales. He founded Archangel Ink to help clients more effectively reach their audience, share their message, and build their brand. Archangel and his team help busy authors, entrepreneurs, and business professionals self-publish their written work with quality and ease, so they can focus on their area of expertise.

Esther Jacobs aka ‘No excuses lady’ is a speaker, author, book writing mentor, and digital nomad. She is referred to as the ‘No Excuses Lady’ because she gets things done, whatever the circumstances. She helps others to live and work location independently. Jacobs is the author of the books How to Write a Book in a Week, Digital Nomads, and What is Your Dream?.

Brian Gill

Brian Gill is an active angel investor and business owner. He was also a successful IT consultant, software developer, and software engineer. Gill is the chairman and CEO of Gillware, an IT company that offers data recovery services from failed electronic media.

Dana Young

Dana Young is an entrepreneur and jewelry designer. She is the owner of Dana Young Jewelry, a company that creates necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, talismans, and apparel for smart, magical women. Young is committed to sustainability and localized production.

Phil Black

Phil Black is an athlete, Navy SEAL officer, investment banker, bootstrap entrepreneur, performance coach, and firefighter. He is the founder of PrepWell Academy, a professional training & coaching company that offers an innovative approach to preparing high school students and their parents for the rigors of the college admissions process.

Dustin Finkel

Dustin Finkel started his career as an investment banker and equity research analyst. He is the founder and CEO of Ancient inGRAINed Snack Co. a consumer goods company that offers delicious and nutritious hottest trend snacks. Finkel is also an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado teaching marketing, strategy, business management, and other business courses.