Scott Groves is a loan officer, online coach, and live event facilitator. For nearly 20 years, Scott has been providing quality mortgage products to his clients on the Eastside of Los Angeles. He is also a keynote speaker, podcast host, and bestselling author of the book Lead Generation: Double your pay in 61 days.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? Did you have any particular experiences/stories that shaped your adult life?

I grew up in Los Angeles California in a typical lower, middle-class, two-parent household. We had some of the standard family drama and challenges, but we were never “poor” or worried about food/housing security. My parents did the best they could as a very young couple (I was born a year after they graduated from high school) – and they did a GREAT job of finding additional mentors. Cub Scouts, starting in 2nd grade – all the way through Boy Scouts – which I participated in till I left for the Army at 18 – was a BIG influence on my childhood. 

What is something you wish you would’ve realized earlier in your life?

Never sell a property and grow wealth through real estate. Save a LOT more than you think you need to. Great relationships lead to great financial opportunities (NOT the other way around). 

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

Fake it till you make it. I FUCKING hate that phrase. People, especially now – with all the 20-year-old Instagram life coaches – are looking for authenticity. If you don’t know something, go learn it… quickly. People will give you time if they respect your honesty and work ethic. 

Tell me about one of the darker periods you’ve experienced in life. How you came out of it and what you learned from it?

2008/2009 – the mortgage markets were melting down, my Washington Mutual 401K and stock options went to $0… I think I made $18,000 those two years. I slept on friends’ coaches so I could rent out my house and not go into foreclosure. Those were tough years. But what I learned… it that they weren’t “that” tough. If you stay in the game, keep moving forward, eventually, good things happen. 

What is one thing that you do that you feel has been the biggest contributor to your success so far?

Work ethic (thanks dad). No bullshit approach to people (thanks mom). Create systems (thank Army)

What is your morning routine?

I wake up between 4:45 and 5:15 am. I generally follow Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning routine (read his book). I do a Jiu-Jitsu workout at least 5 mornings a week. 

What habit or behavior that you have pursued for a few years has most improved your life?

Creating playbooks and having a system. Everyone on our team(s) (I run x3 businesses) knows their job, has key performance indicators, and creates “playbooks” (aka reference manuals) for all their major duties. 

What are your strategies for being productive and using your time most efficiently?

Calendar management, calendar management, calendar management. If everything isn’t going in the calendar – then I don’t feel like I’m actually running a business. Lead Generation time, coaching time, family time, busy time, time to work ON my business, time to work IN my business – it ALL goes into my calendar. 

What book(s) have influenced your life the most? Why?

Do you have any quotes you live by or think of often?

Nobody plans to fail, they just fail to plan. The older I get, the more I realize I need a good plan.