Ellen Kamhi

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, RH(AHG). The Natural Nurse®, is an advanced Nurse Herbalist for over 50 years. She mentors those who are interested in becoming a Registered Herbalist(RH) and is a Regulatory Specialist ( Label, DSHEA, GMP) supporting companies who wish to bring natural products to market. She also hosts free Podcasts about Herbs and Natural Health / Holistic Health and CE Education Programs. Dr. Kamhi delights in recognizing the importance of our interconnections on spiritual, physical, and emotional levels, with our plant allies and the natural world.

Cindy Kennedy

Cindy Kennedy is a certified family nurse practitioner who has been working in women’s health for more than 19 years, practicing gynecology. She is the owner and founder at Living with Lyme, a company that was developed to help those who are infected and affected by Lyme disease. Kennedy also hosts the popular podcast series Cindy Kennedy’s Living With Lyme, the podcast where she educates, advocates, and collaborates about Lyme disease.