David Kelly

David Kelly is an executive coach and business consultant. He is the general manager of the Sumo Group, an internet company offering free tools to grow websites. Kelly was featured in a number of award-winning sites such as Noah Kagan’s and Neil Strauss’s.

Matt Artisan

Matt Artisan is a leading dating coach and top dating expert. He is the CEO of The Attractive Man, the legendary dating program for men, based on his understanding of women and psychology. Artisan has helped his clients to transform and feel empowered to create authentic relationships.

Stan Peake

Stan Peake is a business coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and bestselling author. He is the founder and executive coach of InSite Performance Coaching LTD, professional training and coaching company helping value-based leaders grow their business acumen, create more impact on the company, and ultimately live their legacy.

Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh is a life coach, TV and radio presenter, and communications officer. She gives personal development training and speaks about emotional resilience, dealing with personality disorders, depression and anxiety, and sexism in webinars and national conferences. Walsh helps people with big hearts and small voices to step into their authentic power.

Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick is a bestselling author, psychologist, and leadership development coach. He trains and coaches executives to be better at impacting others. Fitzpatrick is the founder of Owen Fitzpatrick International (OFI), a professional training and coaching company based in Dublin, Ireland.

Chuck Rylant

Chuck J. Rylant is a bestselling author and high-performance coach who helps his clients achieve their life, personal finance, and business marketing goals. He has a fascinating background as a use-of-force expert witness in homicide cases, law enforcement trainer, and retired police detective and SWAT team member. Rylant is the author of the bestselling books How to be Rich and Shots Fired.

Kayla Sloan

Kayla Sloan is a virtual assistant coach and CEO and owner of both KaylaSloan.com and $10K VA. She teaches other virtual assistants how to start and scale their VA business, and guides business owners on how to scale their businesses through automation, systems, and outsourcing. She also formerly worked as a virtual assistant and project manager.