Jeff Carter

Jeffrey Carter is an angel investor and independent trader whose specialty is turning concepts into profit. He is the General Partner at West Loop Ventures, a venture fund focusing on seed and Series A investment. Carter was also the driving force behind HPA, the most active angel network in the Midwest.

David Ramey

David Ramey is the owner and founder of Ramey Wine Cellars, a company that produces several kinds of wines such as Chardonnay, Cabernet blends, Syrah, and Pinot Noir. He has helped pioneer traditional, artisan winemaking techniques in California and his efforts have shaped the way many wines in the United States are made today. Aside from managing their winery, Ramey also offers consulting services to some clients on the North Coast.

Dave Kerpen

Dave Kerpen is a serial entrepreneur, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Global Keynote speaker. He currently works as the Co-Founder and CEO at Apprentice, a platform that connects entrepreneurs that are looking for a driven Executive Assistant that is committed to professional growth and Remembering Live, a company that provides virtual memorial services, shivas, wakes, websites. Kerpen is also the President of the Entrepreneurs’​ Organization, a nonprofit organization helping entrepreneurs achieve their full potential in their business and personal lives.

Christopher Phelps

Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, Cialdini Method certified trainer, and an Amazon best-selling author. Aside from providing his patients the best possible care and the latest technologies for their dental care, Dr. Phelps also offers coaching and consulting services to help other dentists achieve their career goals. Chris was awarded the Doctor’s Choice National Dental Award in 2016 and was chosen for the 2016 Doctor’s Choice Top 100.

Chuck Blakeman

Chuck Blakeman is a serial entrepreneur, internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, and world-renowned business advisor. He is the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer at 3to5 Club, a company that provides tools for business owners to grow their business, make more money in less time, get off the treadmill, and get back to the passion that brought them into business, and also the Founder and CEO at the Crankset Group, a company that offers business advisory services. Chuck is also the author of the #1 rated Business Book of 2010, Making Money Is Killing Your Business and Why Employees Are Always a Bad Idea, one of the Top Ten Business Books of 2013.

Jeff Schechter

Jeff Schechter is an investor, entrepreneur, podcaster, yogi, and musician. He is the co-founder and CEO at High Return Real State, an elite real estate investment firm providing investors with top-quality refurbished investment properties in high growth markets throughout the United States. In addition to investing, Schechter also operates a private consulting practice where he coaches hundreds of business owners and thrives on helping people realize their full potential not just in business, but in all aspects of life.

Ben London

Jonny “Ben” London is the Owner and Founder of FKN Gym Wear, an apparel company that offers men’s and women’s gym and lifestyle clothing. Aside from working at the FKN office coming up with the next masterpiece product, London enjoys lifting heavy things, skating around Brisbane, or barbecuing chicken. His design philosophy is simple, make the clothes that he want to wear, or see people in…introducing the FKN women’s range.

Carl Allen

Carl Allen is an entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker. He is the Co-Founder of PROX Capital Group, a financial services company that provides clear guidance and leadership through empowering others to succeed, and Dealmaker Wealth Society, an investment management company that offers world-class online course training and support to entrepreneurs.