Collin Powers

Collin Powers is the Founder and CEO of Ellyra, a developing revolutionary VR software for tennis training. The app allows players and coaches to work together one-on-one in real-time from anywhere in the world as well as access never-before-seen training analytics. Before founding Ellyra, Powers played professional tennis for 6 years and worked part-time as a tennis coach in the Netherlands.

Chris Meade

Chris Meade is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at CROSSNET, the world’s first four square volleyball game. He brings years of sales, photography, and web design experience to his company. Meade also previously worked as a sales director at Uber, where he helped UberEats launch in both Boston and Rhode Island.

Remy Blumenfeld

Remy Blumenfeld is an entrepreneur, coach, and business adviser to the creative industries. He’s been named by Broadcast Magazine as one of the world’s top 5 Format Kings and by The Independent as one of the Top 20 most influential Gay People in the UK. He works primarily with the founders of content companies who want to build, grow and sell. He is the former director of formats for ITVS, and the founder of two TV Production companies. He also has written extensively for Forbes, Inc. and Thrive Global. Blumenfeld is the creator of a nine-part online course, Standout For Media Founders.

Ari Weinzweig

Ari Weinzweig is the Co-Owner and Founding Partner at Zingerman’s, a community of eight food-related businesses all located in the Ann Arbor, MI area. He has received several recognitions and awards and was named one of “The World’s 10 Top CEOs (They Lead in a Totally Unique Way)” by Inc. Magazine. Weinzweig is also an author of books and columns published in a variety of magazines, including The Atlantic, Inc, Fine Cooking, Specialty Foods, Gourmet Retailer, and Food & Wine.

Ava Kaufman

Ava Babbin Kaufman is the founder and CEO of Ava’s Heart, a unique nonprofit charity dedicated to providing financial assistance for organ transplant patients who cannot afford the necessary treatment and care. Kaufman herself is a heart transplant recipient, and after going through all the ordeals of the disease that caused her to be in need of a new heart, she committed herself to help address and reduce the disparity to save the lives of those who need transplants for survival.

Matt Jung

Matt Jung is an entrepreneur, business owner, leader, culture-catalyst, disrupter, and industry-leading producer of the Big Joe Brand. Together with his college roommate Chip George, they co-founded the company Comfort Research, a lifestyle, product design, engineering, and manufacturing company based in the heart of West Michigan. In 2018, the company was listed as one of the nations best small companies by Forbes and was described as a philanthropic company that donates 10 percent of our profits to local charities.

Amy Woods

Amy Woods is a business owner, author, podcaster, speaker, and content repurposing expert. She is the Founder of Content 10x, a creative agency that specializes in content repurposing. She helps content creators grow their audience by maximizing their return on the content they create. She works with businesses, brands, and thought leaders, and Content 10x is the content repurposing powerhouse behind some of the most well-known podcasts and video shows

Erin Houston

Erin Houston is the Co-Founder & CEO of wearwell, an apparel and fashion company that offers ethically and sustainably made clothing. They offer a one-of-a-kind membership service through which you can easily discover and buy clothing that pays garment workers fairly and uses environmentally sustainable materials. Houston is an entrepreneur in the conscious fashion movement and deeply engaged in global development and social enterprise.