Lady Jen Du Plessis

Lady Jen Du Plessis is recognized as the foremost authority in assembling top-tier teams. She helps 6-figure leaders aim for 7-figures through focused masterminds and coaching, boosting leadership to fast-track team performance and results, while balancing personal life.

Nathan Webster

Nathan Webster is a serial social entrepreneur, college professor, and marketing consultant. He is a humble thought leader, a visionary with a heart to serve others.

Scott Rouse

Scott Rouse is a behavior analyst and body language expert with a focus on healthcare. He holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training and has been trained alongside the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Military Intelligence, and Dept. of defense. Scott speaks to and trains healthcare professionals, showing them what these problems are and most importantly how to fix them.

Shane Morand

Shane Morand is an author and an expert mentor who can help you set and realize your goals, and positively motivate you for success. He is the founder of Shane Morand Enterprises, where he shares everything about developing long-term passive income. Shane is a celebrated global business leader and Napoleon Hill Foundation honoree for his influence on free enterprise.

Jondi Whitis

Jondi Whitis is a professional trainer, an Accredited Master Trainer of Trainers, for She teaches heart-centered, healing-oriented people from all walks of Life to confident, masterful ownership of creative health and wellness using meridian Tapping techniques. Jondi provides easy, accessible evidence-based energy healing protocols in support of recovery, resolution, and transformation.

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Barrett Cooke is the Founder of Lead Above Noise, a team, leadership, and organization development consultancy that unlocks business results by building thriving teams. She designs and delivers interactive experiences for leadership teams that unleash insight, immediate behavior change, and accountability. Rachel is also the host of The Modern Mentor Podcast, a guide to leadership and communication, helping listeners craft a workplace environment that they can feel good about.

Gene Guarino

Gene Guarino is the owner, president, and investor at the RALAcademy, the premier source for education in owning, operating, and investing in Residential Assisted Living and senior housing. He has trained over 300,000 people over the past 30 years on topics ranging from real estate investing, starting your own business, entrepreneurship and he has focused exclusively on Residential Assisted Living for the past 7 years. Gene also has spoken in 5 countries and over 50 cities in the last year alone, has hosted 3 radio shows and has written 4 books including BLUEPRINT – How To Start Your Own Residential Assisted Living Business and The Insider’s Guide To Investing In Senior Housing.

Deborah Lange

Deborah Lange is an author, advisor, mentor, and master of The Fine Art of Facilitation. She is a Social Ecologist by background and has spent over three decades facilitating cultural change and developing leaders. Lange is passionate about leadership with a “freedom within limits” approach, which results in high levels of commitment, collaboration, and creativity in achieving more than expected results.

Jena Rodriguez

Jena Rodriguez is an award-winning transformational mentor & emotional scientist, international speaker, and founder of Brave Masters, Inc. She supports leaders, celebrities, CEO’s and teams get radically brave with peak performance in their life and business. As the creator of The Ego Tricks™, Egoic Archetypes™ & The Detachment Method™, she helps crack open the nuances of the ego-mind which keeps us playing small and “safe” so that the higher self can be in the driver’s seat. Through self-leadership, mindset mastery, and emotional IQ, she creates permanent change by outsmarting the ego & raising one’s PROFITABLE CONSCIOUSNESS™