Eric Maisel

Eric Maisel is a retired family therapist, active creativity coach, author of 50+ books, and developer of the philosophy of life known as kirism. He writes extensively in the area known as critical psychiatry, where he is a thought-leader and advocate for significant shifts in mental health paradigms and practices. His 2020 books include Unleashing the Artist Within, The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives, Lighting the Way, and The Power of Daily Practice.

Barry Moltz

Barry Moltz is a small business expert, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, and author. He helps businesses in the area of sales, marketing, social media, customer service, finance, and people management. Moltz is the author of the books Small Business Hacks and Small Town Rules.

Jonathan Yanez

Jonathan Yanez is an international bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy. He currently works as the Director of Content at Archimedes Books. Yanez is the author of the bestselling books Iron Wolves and Orion Colony.

Penney Peirce

Penney Peirce is a spiritual teacher, visionary, author, and mentor. She has expertise in the fields of intuition development, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, personal transformation, and dream work. Peirce has written a number of books about transformation, intuition and dreams including Transparency and The Present Moment.

Craig Emmerich

Craig Emmerich is an international bestselling author and nutrition advocate. He is the founder and COO of Maria Mind Body Health LLC, a health and nutrition company helping clients to understand what foods to eat and to learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle. Emmerich is the author of the bestselling books Keto and The Carnivore Cookbook.