Anthony Metivier

Anthony Metivier is a bestselling author and coach about memory improvement. He is the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary, dreams, names, music, poetry in ways that are easy, elegant, effective, and fun. Metivier is the author of a number of books including The Victorious Mind and How To Learn And Memorize Math, Numbers, Equations, And Simple Arithmetic (Magnetic Memory Series).

Laura Young

Laura Young is is a writer, workshop leader, trainer, and speaker. She currently works as a training and quality manager at Aspire Healthcare and has published several children’s books and a book for millennials called Adulting Like a Boss.

Adam Mitzner

Adam Mitzner is one of the highly renowned writers of legal thrillers, mystery, suspense, and crime fiction books. His books have been critically acclaimed for their realistic portrayal of the law as well as for their twists and turns. Mitzner is also a practicing attorney and is currently the head of the litigation department of Pavia & Harcourt LLP.

MeiMei Fox

MeiMei Fox is a life coach and a New York Times bestselling author, coauthor, and ghostwriter of over a dozen non-fiction books and thousands of articles for publications, contributor at Forbes, and part-time freelance editor and researcher on a historical fiction novel. As a life coach, she works one-on-one with coaching clients to help them overcome stumbling blocks and achieve their loftiest goals. Fox also sits as a board member of HOPE Foundation USA, an Ireland-based NGO that saves the lives of vulnerable street kids and the poorest of the poor through running group homes, hospitals, and other projects in Kolkata (Calcutta), India.

Jennie Lee

Jennie Lee is a multi-award-winning author of three books: SPARK CHANGE: 108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution; TRUE YOGA: Practicing with the Yoga Sutras for Happiness & Spiritual Fulfillment; and BREATHING LOVE: Meditation in Action. She is also a certified yoga therapist and spiritual coach, who has counseled private clients worldwide for over 20 years. From her long-time practice of yoga and spiritual psychology, Lee shares a large toolbox of strategies that promote optimal wellbeing and purposeful living.