Ben Glass

Ben Glass is a nationally recognized board-certified personal injury, medical malpractice, and disability insurance attorney. He is the owner of BenGlassLaw, a law firm that assists clients in making great decisions about their legal situations. Glass also serves as the Founder and President at Great Legal Marketing, a marketing and consulting firm teaching “effective, ethical and outside the box marketing” to attorneys.

Alan Bell

Alan Bell is a former organized crime prosecutor, public speaker, and author. He is a victim, survivor, advocate, and avenger who almost died from an environmentally linked illness and now devotes his life to raising awareness about environmental injury through public speaking and his book, POISONED. Bell is a fierce advocate for those too weak or sick to fight for themselves.

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the CEO and founder of Royal Legal Solutions, a legal services company that provides professional legal solutions, business restructuring, estate planning, retirement investing, and asset protection services to real estate investors. Before his company’s establishment, Smith is an aggressive litigator who brought suit against major insurance.