Justin Cochrane

Justin Cochrane is the founder of Carbon Streaming, which provides investors a way to invest in a low carbon future and fight climate change. They offer exposure to carbon credits, a key instrument used by governments and corporations to achieve their climate goals.

Sylvia Hall

Sylvia Hall is a wellness advocate and co-founder of Lifted Naturals, which is one of the top probiotic brands that is carried by major retailers like Walmart.

Adam Posner

Adam Posner is the Founder and President at NHP Talent Group – a boutique NY-based talent consultancy, specializing in talent access for Senior-level roles within Digital Marketing & Media world. He is also the host of the top global career podcast, ThePOZcast – showcasing experts to help you harness your inner tenacity to drive your life and career forward.

Anthony Milewski

Anthony Milewski is the Chairman of Nickel 28 – a battery metals focused investment company with a focus on metal streaming and royalty agreements.