Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt is an American science fiction novelist. He has over 20 novels available in print, ebook, and audio, stories that frequently deal with attempts to make contact with alien races, and with archaeology or xenoarchaeology. McDevitt has won multiple awards including the International UPC Science Fiction award for Ships in the Night, a Nebula for Seeker, a Campbell Award for Omega, and the Robert Heinlein Lifetime Achievement Award.

Jeff Krasno

Jeff Krasno is an author and conscious capitalist. He is the co-founder, CEO, and podcast host at Commune Media, Inc., a course platform for personal and societal well-being. Krasno has also written several books including, Wanderlust and Find Your True Fork.

Jay Brock

Jared A. Brock is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and director of several films including PBS’s Redeeming Uncle Tom with Danny Glover. His writing has appeared in Esquire, USA Today, The Guardian, and TIME Magazine.

Joanne Reed

Joanne Reed is the author of This Is Your Quest – Your Mission: To Experience Happiness Along the Way. She has not made it yet to the New York Times Bestseller list and is wondering why she is being featured here, but as a storyteller, she has a lot to say. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and about others. She discovered the art of blogging a year ago and writes about anything that nourishes and educates the mind with a zest of philosophy, plenty of good vibes, and this little je ne sais quoi. 

Jenna McCarthy

Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published author, speaker, and relationship expert. She has written more than a dozen funny books for kids and adults and is a sought-after keynote speaker at events across the country. McCarthy’s work has appeared in more than 60 magazines, on dozens of websites, and in several anthologies including the popular Chicken Soup series.

Gary Lachman

Gary Lachman AKA Gary Valentine is an author and musician. He came to prominence in the mid-1970s as the bass guitarist for rock band Blondie. Lachman has been a writer for over 30 years now and has written several books on topics ranging from the evolution of consciousness and the western esoteric tradition, to literature and suicide, and the history of popular culture.