Scott Young

Scott Young is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, podcast host, programmer, and entrepreneur. He has published weekly essays on his website to help people like you learn and think better. Scott is the author of the bestseller Ultralearning, a book that contains an essential guide to future-proof your career and maximizes your competitive advantage through self-education.

Jillian Medoff

Jillian Medoff is the acclaimed author of four novels. Her fifth novel, ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL, will be published by Harper/HarperCollins in 2022. She also has a long career in corporate consulting. A senior consultant with Segal Benz, Jillian advises clients on communication strategies for all aspects of the employee experience.

Paul Pastor

Paul Pastor is an independent author, writer, editor, speaker, and poet. His writings on spirituality and culture blend a love of the Christian Scriptures with wide-ranging interests in literature, ecology, philosophy, and art, and a unique intimacy with the natural world.

Katie Dalebout

Katie Dalebout is an author, host, and podcast producer. She is the founder of LET IT OUT, a website, podcast, and community which mission is to help people let out whatever they’re hiding so they can be their most authentic selves. Katie is also the author of Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling, a book all about journaling for mental wellness and clarity as well as cultivating deeper self-awareness and creativity.

Laura Bennett

Laura Bennett is a radio host, writer, and presenter. She is the Afternoons Presenter at Hope Media Limited, Sydney’s leading Christian media organization, communicating messages of hope and inspiration to transform life, faith, and culture. Laura self-published her bestselling book ‘Live Your Dream’ in 2015 and edits her own online magazine ‘The Connect Press’.