Matthew Dicks

Matthew Dicks is an international best-selling author of Milo and Unexpectedly. He is an award-winning educator and co-founder of Speak Up, a New England storytelling organization. Matthew teaches storytelling worldwide, and his novels are translated into 25 languages.

Michael Moffett

LtCol Michael Moffett (USMCR, ret.) is a retired Marine Corps officer and professor, columnist, and author. He is currently a New Hampshire State Representative, a blogger, and a columnist who loves to put words together. He has written several books but is most proud of co-authoring FAHIM SPEAKS: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back with Fahim Fazli, an Afghan-American movie actor and interpreter he met when they were both deployed to Afghanistan with the Marines. The critically-acclaimed FAHIM SPEAKS won the Gold Medal for top biography from the Military Writers Society of America.

Joseph Skibell

Joseph Skibell is a novelist, speaker, and public intellectual. He is the prize-winning author of the novels, A Blessing on the Moon, The English Disease, and A Curable Romantic; plus the nonfiction books, My Father’s Guitar and Other Imaginary Things, a collection of true stories; and Six Memos from the Last Millennium: A Novelist Reads the Talmud, a mythopoetic study of the tales in the Talmud. Skibell is also the Winship Distinguished Research Professor in the Humanities at Emory University.

Kellie Hill

Kellie Hill is a nutritional therapy practitioner, best-selling author, and television personality. She is the Founder of The Right Plan, LLC, a health and fitness company that offers nutrition counseling. Kellie is also a local Ambassador for the American Heart Association and Mended Hearts Visitor, she continues to devote her life and work to helping others find their healthiest diet too.

Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg is a financial writer, speaker, and consultant based in Ventura, California. His core business is freelance writing and his work has appeared in publications including the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Investopedia, and many others. Eric also takes on consulting clients and an occasional website development project. He owns Personal Profitability, a website dedicated to helping you earn more, spend thoughtfully, grow your wealth, and live a better life through mindful personal finance.

Matthew Manos

Matthew Manos is a Los Angeles-based author, design strategist, educator, and entrepreneur passionate about making creativity and innovation more accessible. He is the Founder and Managing Director at verynice, a design strategy practice that gives half of its services away for free to non-profit organizations and social enterprises. He is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Reginald, a company that publishes step-by-step toolkits for creative problem solving and innovation on a pay-what-you-want basis.