Kate Rose

Kate Rose is an artist, free thinker, lover, writer, passionate yogi, mother, rule breaker, relationship coach, motivational speaker, and rebel. She helps people put the puzzle pieces of their hearts together through Life and Love Counseling.

Richard Blake

Richard Blake is a former Men’s Health Fitness model turned breath worker and bio-hacker helping people recover from mental health and chronic illnesses. He is also a Ph.D. student trying to help the scientific community catch up to what the ancient and Eastern religions have known for so long, that breathwork is a profound tool for healing.

Moises Aguilar

Moises Aguilar is a life and spiritual coach. He is a traveling Yogi and the Yoga Studio Founder of cYogalife. Moises has worked as an IT consultant for 20 years until the time came to let go of his corporate career and start traveling the world teaching yoga and meditation with Carmen.

Julie Gray

Julie Gray is a professional certified life coach who helps people reduce stress, overcome anxiety, and stop procrastinating through proven professional coaching methods that lead to greater productivity, resilience, and well-being. She is a popular blogger, speaker, and author of the digital eGuides True For You Time Management Workbook, and The Backwards Way to Move Forward Today. Julie is also the General Manager at Field & Main Restaurant, where she supports day-to-day operations via staff management and development, system design and implementation, tracking sales and inventory, and execution of long-term growth strategy

Matthew Ferry

Matthew Ferry is a master life coach, spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and creator of The Rapid Enlightenment Process. He has coached thousands of top performers to achieve Enlightened Prosperity. Ferry manages a blog, hosts the podcast Daily Enlightenment with Matthew Ferry, spearheads The Ignite Mastermind, and teaches his unique process via Muscle Testing School.

Melanie Benson

Melanie Benson, the host of the Amplify Your Success Podcast, is the Expert-preneur’s Authority Amplifier. She is the author of Rewired for Wealth, co-author of Voices of the 21st Century, and Entrepreneur.com’s Start-Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business, and her success tips are featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman’s Day, and Parenting Magazine. Melanie serves on the Women Speaker’s Association Executive Team and is a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders.

Lance Secretan

Dr. Lance Secretan is the world’s top authority on inspirational leadership, a trailblazing teacher, advisor, and expert on corporate culture, whose bestselling books, inspirational talks, and life-changing retreats have touched the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He is the CEO and Founder of The Secretan Center Inc., a global consulting practice specializing in cultural and leadership transformation to achieve extraordinary improvements in personal and organizational performance. Lance has created a new YouTube channel, Spirit of Leadership, where he answers questions submitted by the public about leadership.

Lani Muelrath

Lani Muelrath, MA, is an award-winning health educator, professor, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and TV host widely sought for her expertise in mindful, active, plant-sourced nutrition, vegan living. She is a recognized thought leader and pioneer in the integration of vegan living, fitness, and mindfulness, Lani’s approach blends plant-based nutrition with compassion, mind/body awareness, movement, and transformational techniques from mindfulness meditation practice. She is the author of the books The Plant-Based Journey, Fit Quickies: 5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts, The Mindful Vegan and her new one entitled Mindfulness.

Michael Landers

Michael Landers is an author, speaker, and leadership development executive coach. He is the founder of Culture Crossing, LLC, a global consulting organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions for groups and individuals working in challenging global conditions. Michael is also the author of the best-selling book, Culture Crossing, the essential primer to working, living, and thriving in today’s increasingly multicultural marketplace and communities.