Laura Fredricks

Laura Fredricks is an expert fundraising consultant, international speaker, media expert, Ivy League lecturer, civil litigation attorney, and industry-leading author. She is the Founder and CEO of ExpertontheASK, where she trains and empowers people at every level, in every category, regardless of their age, job, career, or personal life.

Michael Pento

Michael Pento is the President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) designed to operate like an actively managed fund, but without all the expenses associated with Hedge Funds. He is the creator of the Inflation/Deflation and Economic Cycle Portfolio that is focused on determining the location of the market across the five sectors between inflation/deflation and growth/recession. Michael was the portfolio creator and consultant to Delta/Claymore’s commodity portfolios that raised in excess of $3 billion, distributed through Claymore/Guggenheim’s sales network.

Hassan Osman

Hassan Osman is the Program Management Office (PMO) Director at Cisco Systems, where he leads virtual teams on delivering large and complex programs for our strategic customers in the Americas region. He previously worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young (now EY) where he spent his time analyzing troubled programs at Fortune 100 companies and recommending strategic plans to improve their alignment with project objectives. Osman is also an author who has written several books including Influencing Virtual Teams and Don’t Reply All.

Douglas Brown

Doug C. Brown is a business consultant and author. He is the CEO of Business Success Factors, a company that specializes in business sales, business expansion, and training. Through his company, Douglas provides consulting services to business owners and CEOs to help them increase revenue and acquire large accounts using systems that have positively increased sales.

Joe DiSanto

Joe DiSanto is a former owner of several multi-million-dollar businesses in Los Angeles, servicing the entertainment and advertising spaces. Now he has a consultancy called Play Louder! where Joe provides individual financial coaching, as well as business consulting and CFO services to small firms and family offices.

Holly Green

Holly Green is an experienced business leader, behavioral scientist, speaker, and best-selling author. She is the CEO & Managing Director at The Human Factor, Inc., a consulting firm that helps develop the leadership knowledge, skills, and competencies to navigate today’s complex business world and achieve long-term business success. Green helps companies around the globe make new neural connections, change perspective, challenge assumptions and focus on the target.